"The days are long, but the decades are short"

Yiren is a digital product designer who has an industrial design background. She has been working at UX/UI field for 3 years and interested in finance, education, health care and real estate industry.
Currently, she is actively looking for a full-time product designer job.


I am....

In a research class, the professor asked us to brainstormed 10 things about ourselves which begin with " I am a ... " and show it with others without speaking.
I found it is hard but interesting to summarize yourself in just simple words.

  • I am a designer, yes, it is obvious.
  • I am Chinese. It's very easy to pronounce my first name, but very hard for last one.
  • I am a Gemini, so...mad in a peaceful way.
  • I am a people person, I feel energetic when surrounding with people!
  • I am at a life stage which I want to put myself in risk.
  • I am a ballet fan.
  • I am always seeking possbilities, say no to a stable life.
  • I am a book worm, the book I am reading right now is 'creativity.inc'.
  • I am curious about many things, so I keep asking why??????
  • I am humor, lol, people say I bring laughter to their life.