Pratt library experience design

Mobile design


Pratt library is an important part of Pratt Institute. It offers both online and offline resources like website /books borrow/return service, print service, exhibition etc for our students and faculties. The whole class's mission is to improve its user experience both from the digital and physical level which includes:

Design process

Kick off

In the stakeholder meeting, we interviewed Pratt library staffs based on 6 parts:

I was responsible for refining and asking questions to one of the staff who's responsible for the electronic resources.

Break down every part to understand detailed situations and business requirements.


Our target users are Pratt students and faculty. In order to understand better about their behaviors and problems, 3 of the group members includes me conducted a online survey first. I highly participated in questions design and connected faculty member to spread the survey. Other group members were responsible for competitive analysis, onsite observation, and literature review.
The survey includes 14 questions, focusing on:

User behavior,attitudes, and demographics.

In this survey, we get the overall understanding for those focuses based on data from the 150 feedback, and the screener for further user interview.

We also conducted user interview with with 30 users (I participated in all interview questions design and interviewed 5 users) across students and faculty. Here are some valuable insights:

Gathered all information above, we delivered a persona for us to subdivide our users and clarify their needs and problems.

Conceptual design

Based on the research results, we found that:
Many user pain points like locating a book in library, reserve and renew books, searching help/guide information, checking library hours are not included in the website.

User testing

Later, we conducted user testing - think out loud based on the 6 tasks with 8 users to see:


We also iterated based on feedback from the stakeholder:

Final prototype

Search and locate books

  • A map to show everything you want.
  • Search resources in a clear and clean way.
  • Locating the book by using map.

Click on the prototype page to see details

Profile with advanced book info

  • Reminder information book due
  • Borrow history to know your borrow status
  • User profile to save personal info.

Click on the prototype page to see details

Event, help and alerts

  • Upcoming events to be showed.
  • Help center which aligns with Pratt library website.
  • Alerts works as a reminder.

Click on the prototype page to see details

Final pitch

Me and Harry represented our group to present the final presentation and
final prototype
in front of all staffs.